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Oregon’s Source for Pure Cannabis Extract.

Supercritical CO2 Extracts

Home to Oregon’s world class whole plant full spectrum CO2 oil. Click below to learn more about our company and our industry leading products.

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Critical Source is a science based cannabis processor who has proudly called Eugene Oregon our home since 2014. We’ve put careful attention into every detail of designing and building a formulation that will set standards for Oregon and the nation in CO2 Extraction.


What Do We Make?

Whole plant, co2 cannabis oil for the Oregon cannabis market. We specialize in consumer and premium tier vape cartridges and extracts.


Why CO2?

CO2 is clean, safe, non-toxic, natural and renewable. Other companies use harsh chemicals like butane and propane to distillate their extracts.


What Is Supercritical?

Under a certain pressure and temperature, carbon dioxide has properties of a liquid and a gas resulting in an exceptional non-toxic solvent.



Coming Winter 2018

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Quality and affordability never tasted this good. We have improved every aspect of myriad by featuring our 5th generation oil formulation and ceramic and glass cartridge.

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Kalapooya Fire

Premier quality oil in the highest quality ceramic and glass cartridge on the market today. Kalapooya Fire is one of Oregon’s most popular high-end CO2 cartridges available.

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Myriad Nectars

The cartridge that started it all! Myriad Nectars is Oregon’s fastest selling budget cartridge with an unbeatable price and flavor. Features a cotton wick and BPA free cartridge.