Quality Meets Affordability

Myriad CO2 Cartridges are the latest addition to the Critical Source™ family of products. We have combined our advanced formulation and high grade cartridge materials to produce an unmatched product in both quality and affordability. Whether you are experienced with cannabis or you are a newcomer we have a strain that is right for you.

We use natural components in our cartridge materials like silicon, glass and ceramics to insure the cleanest and safest product possible. From the day material enters our lab we exercise the highest standards in material handling and testing. We use care in every step in the process to insure that you get the highest quality oil at a price that anyone can afford.

Our strain lineup includes a mix of indica, sativa and hybrids ranging from Trainwreck to Super Silver Haze and more! Check out our menu below to see our current selection of Oregon's finest CO2 oil.

Strains Overview

Welcome to our strains overview. We are always updating and expanding our selection of strains so keep an eye out for updates to our site. If you can’t find the strain you are looking for or have any questions or comments please send us a message here.

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FRANKS GIFT 1g Mockup2.png
SUPER SILVER HAZE 1g Mockup2.png
TRAINWRECK 1g Mockup2.png